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FutureNow FN485-4xSH 4 Channel FN485 Bus Window Covering Controller


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The FN485-4xSH four channel Intelligent DIN Rail Mountable Window Covering Controller is used for controlling motorized blinds, shutters awnings and projector screens or any other device equipped with four-wire bidirectional AC motor and built-in limit switches. The motors can be controlled either via the module’s local inputs or via the FN485 bus.


Robust Operation

  • Ideal for controlling motorized window coverings, projection screens, awnings, etc.
  • 4 outputs for controlling 4 four-wire (up/down/neutral/earth) bidirectional AC motors
  • 4×2 (up/down) galvanically isolated digital inputs for contact sensors or manual operation
  • Delay when changing direction to protect the motor
  • Mechanical and electronic latch preventing the motor from being driven in both directions at the same time

Ultimate Flexibility

  • Up, Down and Stop commands
  • Adjustable up and down motor running times
  • Separate power inputs for powering motors with different voltage requirements
  • “Motor in motion” indication
  • Standard DIN Rail mount
  • Standalone operation via the local inputs, even without a controller or network connection
  • 26 preset groups/scenes
  • Digital inputs can also be used to monitor door/window contacts, motion, water leakage and any other sensor type

Enhanced Connectivity

  • Easy to connect two-wire daisy-chain bus
  • Available communication protocol
  • 50+ bus commands

Industry-Wide Interoperability

  • Easy integration with home controllers
  • The inputs work with any type of momentary contact switches on the market


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